Differential Pressure Molding has been used successfully on a broad range of composite materials, including:

  • Glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) composites,
  • Lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) composites, 
  • Natural-fiber reinforced GMT,
  • Thermoplastic sandwich-panel composites,
  • Thermoformable Rigid Urethane (TRU),
  • Unreinforced thermoplastic sheet,
  • And many more.

More recent work has focused on using the process to form some sheet-form composites with thermosetting matrices, including a unique cross-linkable acrylic that is thermoplastic in its “B stage,” allowing for the production of thermoplastic prepregs.

Reinforcement technologies may include:

  • Short chopped glass,
  • Longer chopped glass,
  • Unidirectional, continuous glass,
  • Woven glass fabrics,
  • Chopped natural fiber mats.

Want to mold a material that is not listed above?  Please CONTACT US to determine if your specified material can be processed with DPM.