Harnessing the Power of Plastics


Welcome to the Internet home of Vantage Technologies USA, where our patented Differential Pressure Molding (DPM) process enables us to harness the power of plastics to produce large composite parts at low cost and with low energy requirements.

Not only does DPM speed the process of moving from concept to production for compression-molding-type processes, but it also helps reduce capital-equipment and manufacturing costs. In fact, owing to the simplicity of its capital equipment, low energy requirements, and small footprint, DPM is ideal for startup manufacturing operations in developing countries and emerging markets. DPM is the lowest cost, most versatile compression-molding process commercially available today.

In addition, Vantage Technologies is a resource for innovative prototype and production of thermoplastic and thermoset compression-molded components, as well as tooling, design, and solutions focused on effective and environmentally sound production methods.