There are a number of ways you can access the versatility and benefits of Differential Pressure Molding for your own programs -- from hiring Vantage Technologies USA to do tool part production to purchasing a license, press, and tool to produce your own DPM parts. 

For more information on any of these services, please CONTACT US with details about your program and needs, and to request a quote.

Part Production

Vantage Technologies USA has long been a tool producer (custom molder) of components for OEMs and tier suppliers in a variety of industries for over a decade.

If you aren’t sure if DPM is right for your operations, or if production volumes are low, consider having us quote toll production to meet your manufacturing needs. 


At Vantage Technologies USA, we produce all the tools used for our DPM process as well as the presses themselves.  We have several options available in our proprietary, thin-shell composite molds depending on the number of parts required and the speed with which tooling needs to be turned around. The process is also able to run with single-sided tools if the B side of the part is non-appearance.   


Differential Pressure Molding can be used for low-to-very-low production volumes of commercial parts as well as concept prove-out and prototyping.  Since tooling is not designed to maintain a specific gap between mold halves, a wide variety of materials (and material thicknesses) can be evaluated on the fly without having to make costly tooling changes.


DPM Licensing

At Vantage Technologies USA, we offer a flexible licensing structure based on market, application, scope, and degree of exclusivity.  For more specific details and to obtain a quote for licensing the power of Differential Pressure Molding for your own manufacturing operations, please CONTACT US.